How long is a Safari?

We offer 5 Safari options all differing in lengths from 1-3.5 hours minimum. Please see HERE for a clear breakdown

What is the best time to see the bears?

In this natural habitat, they are most active during the daylight hours. We find it easiest to locate them between 9am – 5pm. Please note our last tour of the day departs at 4pm.

How much does a Safari cost?

Please see HERE for our safari information including prices.

Where is the nearest campground?

What are some local hotels?

What is the difference between the River and Jeep Safari?

The River Safari is a wildlife viewing experience from the comfort and safety of a quiet electric-powered catamaran, where we are searching for and viewing wildlife along the shoreline. This is followed by a short question and answer session. We provide as much information as we can fit into the time not searching for wildlife. We stop the catamaran at our specially-built dock in Mud Lake, where you can take a stroll to a glacier-fed waterfall, before venturing into the heart of moose and grizzly bear habitat, an area only accessible by our specially designed jet boats. Our specially-trained jetboat guides will take you on a thrilling ride up the Delta River, where you will glide over water only inches deep!

The Jeep Safari is a more hands-on experience, where you travel into the rainforest habitat of the bear. You will touch, taste and feel the foods and forest that make up the home of these magnificent animals. It’s possible to walk in the very footsteps of a bear you just saw, or to eat the berries from the same bush you photographed the bear eating from moments before…

All Safaris are designed to complement each other and offer a longer experience for those that have more time to spend with us!

Do I drive to you or is there a meeting point?

All Safaris depart from our docks, conveniently located 1km off Yellowhead Hwy 5, near Blue River, BC. Just follow our many signs, and you can’t miss us! Our physical address is 6080 Mud Lake Forest Service Rd, Blue River BC. And our GPS coordinates are:

Latitude 52.13046799075981

Longitude -119.2690683012695

What animals are we likely to see?

Bears, eagles, osprey, and moose are the most commonly found animals on our Safaris.

What facilities are available at the site?

We offer a full Restaurant, washrooms, a gift shop, card payment facilities and an on-site ATM, as well as a full service photography station where you can purchase photos of your trip with us, as well as other scenic and wildlife images we have available.

What meals do you offer in your restaurant?

See The Forest Table Menu

When are you open? When does the season finish?

We open early May, it is normally during the first week of May, however, our exact opening date depends on the weather and the melting of the ice in our waterways.

We close early October, depending on weather; it will be either the 1st or 2nd week.

Please email us or call +1 (250) 673 2309 to confirm our opening or closing dates.

Do you guarantee to see Bears?

Although we would love to, unfortunately we can never guarantee where or when wildlife will appear. We are viewing the wildlife in their natural habitat, where we have no control of their activities. However, our success rate in finding wildlife, especially bears, is extremely high.

And if you are in anyway unsatisfied with your experience, we ask you speak with your Guide or our helpful Front Desk team who would be happy to offer a resolution.